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Our team are here to share our common coding tools software, as well as the teaching of general basic operations on the user's operating system.

Itself as a development framework, extensible development platform that can be used to develop Java, C language / C ++, PHP, HTML5 and other programs, as well as a development platform that can be extended by extending the plug-in modules.

Netbeans platform provides the entire desktop applications commonly used services, allowing developers to concentrate on the logical design is limited to his app. The main features of the NetBeans Platform are:

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Eclipse is well-known open source cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE). Initially mainly used Java language development, at present some people make it as C ++, Python, PHP and other languages development tools plug modules.

Eclipse itself is just a framework platform, but support of numerous plug-in module, so Eclipse has better flexibility, so many software developers to develop their own framework Eclipse IDE.

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. WYSIWYG page editor, makes creating web pages as simple as entering your word processor letter.
Through the integrated FTP file management. Just log on to your website and browse your files from your web site editor on the fly, directly.

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Focus on visual support tools and pre-processor, the stent is a modern text editor, you can easily design in the browser. Try Creative Cloud Extract (preview) mode to achieve clean and simple extraction CSS does not generate code directly from the PSD.

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