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We are from Japan and Taiwan integrated international company, dedicated to the world of high-end content management system (CMS) integration technology, apart from the authors create digital art museum of art and culture, but also made Web production engineering in a variety of industries.

Brand: RUMOTAN TORABAO Corporation, specializes forward the cultural and creative industries of the business entity. We integrate the actual situation of technical services to become one-stop digital content IT technology industry, the work very well for many years of experience, in order to stabilize the pace forward the real creative force of product, technology force Japan, Taiwan localization.

. Use the world's leading open source as a tool for systems development product, with international competitiveness, overseas customer base with services, especially cultural and creative industrial group.

. Team work here and we will give you an unprecedented experience, because we are not just a regular digital technology company, is to draw on the crystallization of cultural and creative industries. We will let you keep them intellectually stimulating, dynamic, and constantly challenges to keep yourself alive. Because no matter what you are doing here, is essential to your participation in creating a historical figure.

. Our active application of "social networking" and "O2O", "B2C" effective application of actual integration, research and development of our products, more like digital learning network information sharing and customer base, and have a deeper understanding.

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