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We integrate Web platforms, Smartphones (such as iPhone, and Android) tablet computer (such as: iPad), using world class model of standard products to assist customers with simple management screen, carefully planning for cultural and creative industries and workers collaboration platform. Establishment of a digitized database management system, Enterprise cloud makes it easier for users to operate and build the creative industry to expand the international market.

. CMS content management system: online platform for scholars and dedicated system
. Corporate identity platforms: integration of virtual company
. E-commerce shopping cart: B2B,B2C,C2C,O2O
. Online catalogue website: company online with cultural industries platform products
. Community site: enterprise social platform and the entrance portal build
. New media: build your own New York Times
. Cultural and creative industries Web site: four creative workers
. Tourism booking portal: for you to plan your AirBnB,Agoda
. Real estate Web site: Fang Zhong industry, interior design, decorating projects
. Online course booking system: classes, spa beauty care and fitness centre
. MOOC online education platform: diversity education platform
. Website of the art market: auction houses, galleries, and private collections website
. Artist's official website: official website of exclusive art and culture workers
. Art Foundation Web site: non-profit organization to membership
. Responsive RWD designs: website automatically displays different specifications display
. Support computer Tablet phone: no longer need to install app


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