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We are from Japan and Taiwan integrated international company, dedicated to the world of high-end content management system (CMS) integration technology, apart from the authors create digital art museum of art and culture, but also made Web production engineering in a variety of industries.

Our position in Japan, the famous Tokyo Tower in Japan, Roppongi, Minato cloth Juban, there are many countries in this region zoom in embassies, the World Trade Tower and Odaiba. And you can enjoy in this area to date national attention immediately New Museum, Suntory Museum of Art, Mori Art Museum in each of the exhibition, the night can go to Tucson zoom in Ha Roppongi Hills Observatory Tokyo night view.

We integrate Web platforms, Smartphones (such as iPhone, and Android) tablet computer (such as: iPad), using world class model of standard products to assist customers with simple management screen, carefully planning for cultural and creative industries and workers collaboration platform. Establishment of a digitized database management system, Enterprise cloud makes it easier for users to operate and build the creative industry to expand the international market.

We have long accumulated energy, combined with academia integration model management, from overseas to help numerous customers to assist Taiwan's cultural and creative industry workers, received numerous reports in overseas media and appreciation.

Our long-term accumulation of energy, industry, government and science combined with integrated operating model, to assist a large number of customers from abroad to help Taiwan's cultural and creative industries workers, access to and appreciation of numerous overseas media reports, we have long been an important stronghold in Asia: