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Born in Taiwan in September 1961 Erlin, Changhua Changhua County. Home older sibling, a brother on four percent. Father Mr. Chen Zhongzhu in construction, farming and mother Miss Cai Qiuxiang Housekeeping, families getting out of poverty. 1966 age of four that is love graffiti, often drawing on the wall or on the ground hen with chicks.

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1967 six or seven plays by his brother Chen Xiqing enlightenment writing, painting. ZTE into the elementary school, grade teacher Mr. Lin Dianqing guide any regular script basic strokes. 1971 eleven years old and neighbor boy game, accidentally injured right eye, causing injury cataract, eye severe amblyopia.

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1972 Central rejuvenating small turn read Sihu small country town in Hunan. 1973 complete primary school for six years. The Xihu garden. From Mr. Chen Songjin learning watercolor, sketch. 1976 chihu States Bi. Exam defeat, the Taichung Yumin cram a year tuition.

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1977 obtained Changhua senior high school. Acquisition from Mr Jiang Zhenxing painting technique. Early 1978 Yi Ying bei > self exploration. 1980 Changhua senior high school. Pass the Department of fine arts at Chinese Culture University. From Zeng Shaojie, Shi Zichen, Professor Su Tianci, learning calligraphy courses. From Tian Man poems, Li Damu, Wu Xuerang, and Huang Leisheng, OU, Professor Ning, Liu and other learning Chinese painting courses. Zeng Shaojie, lidamuer Professor of learning seal.

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1982 process Ming Foundation for academic scholarships. Mr AI Li You. 1983 introductions followed by Professor Tian Manshi splash-ink figure painting, Zhong Zhengshan acquisition.

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1984 graduated from Art Department at Chinese Culture University. In July, Chinese painted porcelain ceramics plant in Peitou, to work for a month. September celebrity Gallery solo exhibition for the first time in Taipei. Painting and Taoist figures, quite high praise, from painting for a living.

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1985 Zhong Zhengshan teacher arranged for June set Jane Gallery exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. Visit to exhibition received purchase figure painting a picture of Mr Zhong Zhengshan and Ni Mo (as much) Chung Kuei to a picture of a picture, open the road to future collections. "Stone" as ancestral.

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Dunhuang 19,869 month Taipei Arts Center "in the traditional green" exhibition. And publish < Chen Yongmo collection > 1987 Chinese Culture University Assistant Professor of fine arts for a year. Mr Li You, a case study of Zhang Daqian, Pu yi, Yu encouraged outside the painting should be more meticulous, ren from the start, and coloring of meticulous brushwork.

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1988 · July married Miss Lin Qiufang. Mr Chiang "with" Bai Wenyin, book of his: "pen Wan about, collecting longitudinal force freely, although normal brother wood and round, good, good. "The Hua gang arts school teaching traditional Chinese painting section.

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In October, together with his wife to go to the Mainland for the first time, swam in Beijing, the great wall, the three gorges and other attractions. Zhong Zhengshan, Tian Man poems, Xiong Yizhong, Professor Li Xiao Kun, and dozens of city painter and tour the three gorges. Return to try and a small landscape. December exhibition of Dunhuang Art Center in Taipei. Xie Yixiong, Ye Bowen sponsored the production of Mr Chen Yung-Mo album (Taipei: Chen Yung-Mo, 1988).

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1989 by the Ministry of Education Prize for literary and artistic creation (painting). December exhibition in educational center in Kaohsiung. 19,908 months and Wang Fan-,-Jung, Chen Yinhui, Ni Chaolong, Wang Chunxiang, etc more than more than 10 artists traveling the Silk Road. And try to brush painting.

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