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Wu Ping, the word worthy white In 9 years (1920) was born in Yuyao, Zhejiang. David for family learning, with his father copybooks painting, calligraphy and plant-based Tang Kai, Zhou and Qin Zhuanzhou traced, gesture structure into their own style. More extensive collection of rubbings, from the book to know the history of the origins, from high school to obtaining the leading edge rubbings.

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Handwriting, good seal, Li, Kai, five kinds of fonts, grass, with lines of Cursive's most unique, of course, Wang. Inscriptions on back, and ancient calligraphy, performance tire learn ancient techniques, full of old; running properly, smooth stroke without slipping, pen, light comfortable, as well as tireless days, and spirits, calm the temper of the line, between turning into his face.

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Painting flowers and birds for a long time, humbly, blending inheritance, careful observation experience, Qing painting, flowers become a unique style of painting, painting presents a concise and steep singular, a bold flowers blue or dyed or painted Peony, Peony, Lotus leaf, bamboo, banana, as its own. Realistic or impressionistic has its own style of Mr Wu Ping, is pursuing the traditional Foundation but does not adhere to the traditional style.

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Beyond painting, also by a parent at an early age of enlightenment and seal cutting, older guided by Mr Deng Sanmu, and made the scene, cutting neatly, as Zhu proper white cloth, years before his early teens the listing in Shanghai Rong Bao Zhai, daring young talent is visible.

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Crossed the sea to Taiwan, worked in the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau, and participated in "seven Club", "haiqiaoyin set", "66 Club" Association, and won the Chinese painting Institute of Zhongshan and Jin Jue award literary award seal class.

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In 1983, she was Chief of the National Palace Museum painting, and has held several solo exhibitions. From the Imperial Palace after retirement, is now devoted to creation of paintings and calligraphy, seal carving and teaching. Respected personality is indifferent, much-younger generations respect.

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Fellow Huang Kuang-nan had praised Wu: "gentle tolerance warm earthy" to describe the White pen-like nice folks, a roundup story and reasonably comfortable, elegant and graceful, as if boneless.

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