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‧Zhou Cheng, word Brasenia wave ‧1941 born in the Republic of China Taiwan Yilan. ‧1954 into Toucheng painting will be eighty-six, from Kang Mr. Hill study poetry and literature. ‧1961 the National Taiwan Normal University Fine Arts Department, Jiang Yu Siu Ling Shi Shin Kan steep, learning calligraphy and poetry and reading history books. ‧1963 National Taiwan Normal University Department of Fine Arts Department of Fair eligible carving first. ‧1964 employed Japanese calligraphy hospital Kam enumerators. ‧1969 founded Brasenia wave calligraphy and Research in Taipei. Tour Japan, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and museum attractions. ‧ calligraphy and seal cutting works in the domestic dozen solo exhibitions in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, mainland China and other places of art galleries, museums, galleries, exhibition times. October 31, 2003 was invited to the Palace Museum in Beijing Museum of calligraphy and painting. January 12, 2006 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Art Museum was invited to hold a solo exhibition of painting and calligraphy.



‧ Department who have been artistic calligraphy carving course at National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan University of Arts, Culture University. ‧ Former "National Art Exhibition" Preparatory Committee and review, "the province's art exhibition" review, audit committee and provincial art gallery. ‧ The current members of the Taipei Palace Museum collection collection, Taipei Fine Arts Museum artifacts evaluation committee. Taiwan and India agency, the Republic of China Society for carving, for geese book Association, president of the Friends of the Western Qing Yan, Yuan ink painting Founding President, river Gathering Founding President, Ilan Arts Association consultant, China cross-strait cultural assets exchange Association consultant, sirloin Indian community members.



May went to Shenyang, Liaoning ‧1998 Museum and Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, and as Mr. Jiang Zhaoshen statue unveiling. Qianshan scenic tour and Shenyang Imperial Palace and other attractions. Huangshan City escort arrived via Shanghai Jiang wife Jiang Zhaoshen awarded scholarships and donated to Temple Villa primary use as a library. Seven Huangshan. June visit to Osaka swim spa attractions Sea of Japan coast, the Tokyo repatriation. In late June, the rate of "River Gathering" colleagues went to Penghu sketch. July rate sects visit Changsha, Deng Nanyue Hengshan, Hunan visit museums, Yuelu Academy, Mawangdui Museum, flying tour of Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan, Tianzishan other places. Writing in the July summer to go to Vancouver. August Exhibition of works in the Seoul International Ink. Serving Exhibition jury. Any collection of magazine art consultant. ‧ 1999 年 3 Awarded Honorary Doctor of Arts St. George's University of Oxford, UK. December 2003 was awarded the Taiwan Academy of Arts revitalization. January 2006 in Jiangsu Province Guohua hired as guest artist.


Main experience:

‧1975 onwards had been granted and calligraphy and carving lessons in private practice now the University of Fine Arts Department of National Normal University, National Taiwan University of Arts Department of Painting and Calligraphy, Taipei National University of the Arts Department of Fine Arts, Department of Art and Culture University Private, National Hualien Teachers College Vision Research Institute, Shanghai University of Fine Arts Visiting, Tamkang University Lanyang campus in school artists.


Solo Exhibition (excerpt):

‧1973 first calligraphy carving exhibition at the National Art Gallery. ‧1974 second painting exhibition at the National Army Art Center. Seventh National Art Exhibition seal first place. ‧1978 third art exhibition in Seoul modern art galleries, publishing "Zhou Cheng calligraphy carving set." Participate in China's modern art exhibition at the National Museum of History. Tenth in the exchange of Japanese Art Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.



‧1981 fifth exhibition in Singapore and Thailand. ZTE is eligible for literary and artistic creation painting medal. Eligible Wu San-lien Literary Creation Award painting classes. Literary Creation Award seal eligible Zhongshan class. The sixth solo exhibition in Taipei Apollo Gallery. ‧1982 Taipei National Museum of History National Gallery painting carving Invitation Exhibition ‧1984 to Japan Tokyo Hatoi Hall Gallery held their eighth calligraphy carving exhibition. Tour scenic Mount Fuji area.



‧1987 newborn gallery exhibition in Taipei in January. Set up a "meta Ink Painting", as the president. June exhibition at St. John's University of New York. Visit to Washington, DC. September exhibition at West Georgia University. October exhibition at Oxford University, published "周澄英 State University of Oxford exhibition" album. Visit the British Museum. Tour France, Spain. ‧1988 April in Tokyo Ginza Matsuya salon painting and calligraphy exhibition. July tour of Sichuan Emei Mount Qingcheng, Jiuzhaigou depth, the Three Gorges to return to Taiwan. ‧1989 September Dunhuang Art Exhibition Center in Taipei. Twelfth National Art Exhibition Preparatory Committee and jury. ‧1991 May in Vancouver, Canada UBC Asian Centre calligraphy carving exhibition, publication "Huangshan Tour record books." He served as the Secretary-General "Chinese Seal Society."



‧1992 May went to Vancouver Rocky Mountain glacier tour. July to Korea to participate in South Korea ink painting exhibition. Ren Guojun Issue 28 th Literary Award jury. October in Taipei Hongzhan Arts Centre exhibition, publication "Zhou Cheng landscape set." ‧1994 February invited to National Museum of History in Taipei held a painting exhibition, and was awarded the Medal of the Arts. July tour Wuyishan, Yandang fly via Shanghai Tunxi Huangshan. ‧1996 October to attend San Francisco on behalf of Taiwan's Chinese Culture Center in Taiwan Mesozoic ten exhibition. November in Taipei Hongzhan Arts Centre exhibition, publication "Zhou Cheng calligraphy carving set." Ministry of education Literary Creation Award jury. Taipei Fine Arts Museum board member. May tour Lijiang River in Guilin, Kunming Shilin.



‧1999 awarded an honorary doctorate from St. George's University of British Art. July visit to Xi'an, Tang Hua, Lanzhou to Xinjiang to make the Silk Road Dunhuang trip. August went to Central America in El Salvador to participate in "River Gathering" exhibition tour. Late December at the Shanghai Art Museum invited Zhou Cheng calligraphy carving exhibition, publication "Zhou Cheng Yin Pu." ‧2001 January 13 invited to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Zhou Cheng held the National Gallery exhibition, publication "Zhou Cheng Collections." July rate students visit Beijing, Chengde, Shenyang, Changbai Mountains and other attractions. Gathering the river in August in Beijing, China Art Gallery Exhibition. Journal of the eligible century Chinese art collections (People's Fine Arts Publishing House). ‧2003 October 31 was invited to the Palace Museum in Beijing Museum of calligraphy and painting.



‧2003 October 31 was invited to the Palace Museum in Beijing Museum of calligraphy and painting. ‧2006 January 12 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Art Museum was invited to hold a solo exhibition of painting and calligraphy. ‧2007 invite Taiwan Soka Gakkai held Cheng Meng Yang life one week exhibition tour in Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Kaohsiung ‧2008 December 3 at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall was invited to hold a solo exhibition of painting and calligraphy. ‧2009 Ilan Taiwan Soka Gakkai Cultural Affairs Bureau of eleven weeks of life Cheng Meng Yang National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Exhibition ‧2010 a "crazy old rain cloud one week, Professor Cheng Exhibition"



‧ 2012 macro art a week to clarify "not negative spirit, essence of 70 masterpieces" exhibition ‧ 2013 dream macro art also, Chou color ink exhibition Museum are all making a volte-face, 2013 ASEAN, Chou individual art exhibition


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